Mean Green Mowers Referral Program


At Mean Green Mowers, we understand the value of your opinion.  You have worked hard to support the pursuit of a cleaner, quieter environment.  You’re a first adopter and you believe in pushing the envelope of the new era, powerful, high technology world of electric vehicles, machines, and even outdoor power equipment.  You understand the advantages of electric mowers with zero emissions, zero gas, low maintenance, and low noise pollution.  You are a believer that “Made in America” is more than a just saying, it is a value statement.

We value your opinion. Good reputations are built on word of mouth and we sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to share yours on our behalf. The Mean Green Mowers Referral Program is our way to reward you and recognize your efforts recommending our mowers and equipment to friends and colleagues.


We want to thank you for supporting Mean Green Mowers and for growing the clean, electric outdoor power equipment community.  Introduce someone you know to Mean Green Mowers and enjoy the rewards when they place an order for a new Mean Green Mower and embark on their own powerful, clean energy mowing lifestyle.

If you know someone interested in supporting our clean, powerful mowing initiative such as a landscape company owner, an electric car owner, solar home owner, or owners/managers/principals/department heads of: schools, city parks, hospitals, universities, corporate headquarters, Home Owner Associations, etc, submit their contact information to us. We’ll follow up with them to make sure they have all the information they need. Should your referral result in an order and delivery of a Mean Green Mower*, you will receive the following:

At Mower Order, you will receive 30 Mean Green Bucks**** good towards anything in the Mean Green Mowers gift store, online or in person!  Rewards include hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts, bottle openers, cups, koozies, and other fun items.

After Mower Delivery, you will receive referral rewards based on your status below:

1. Mean Green Enthusiasts:  You don’t yet own a Mean Green Mower, but you love the idea and you want to spread the word!

First Referral**

Up to $200 COLD HARD CASH    (WBX-33HD & Nemesis=$125, Stalker & ReVolt=$150, CXR=$200)

Second & Subsequent Referrals***

Up to $250 COLD HARD CASH     (WBX-33HD & Nemesis=$150, Stalker & ReVolt=$200, CXR=$250)

2. Mean Green Owner:  You made the commitment, purchased a Mean Green Mower, and now you want to spread the word!

First Referral**

Up to $200 COLD HARD CASH    (WBX-33HD & Nemesis=$125, Stalker & ReVolt=$150, CXR=$200) 

PLUS 50 Mean Green Bucks****

Second & Subsequent Referrals***

Up to $250 COLD HARD CASH     (WBX-33HD & Nemesis=$150, Stalker & ReVolt=$200, CXR=$250)

PLUS 50 Mean Green Bucks****

3. Mean Green Owner with DEMO:  You have enjoyed using your Mean Green Mower and now you not only want to spread the word, but you are willing to show & demonstrate your Mean Green Mower to a potential buyer!  Ask a sales representative from Mean Green Mowers to add to you to the growing list of satisfied customers willing to demonstrate their mower on their own property.  (We will contact you if we have a potential customer in your area desiring a demo.  You will receive the customer’s contact info and you decide if you would like to demonstrate your mower.)

First Referral**

Up to $250 COLD HARD CASH        (WBX-33HD & Nemesis=$150, Stalker & ReVolt=$200, CXR=$250)

PLUS 75 Mean Green Bucks****

Second & Subsequent Referrals***

Up to $300 COLD HARD CASH         (WBX-33HD & Nemesis=$200, Stalker & ReVolt=$250, CXR=$300)

PLUS 100 Mean Green Bucks****


When you share your love and enthusiasm for Mean Green Mowers we can tell. In interviews with first-time buyers, we hear it all the time; what brought them to Mean Green Mowers in the first place was the recommendation from someone whose opinion they valued. Thank you for making us what we are today.


Go to our “Online Referral Form” by clicking button below.
Or call us at 513-738-4736 and tell us about the person you wish to refer us to.

* The Mean Green Mowers Referral Program applies only toward first time mower purchase and does not apply to "fleet" or multiple product purchases from the same entity.  Once a referred or previously contacted name is recorded, no identical referred names will be added to the referral list - reward only subject to initial referrer.  Any sales employees, Manufacturer Representatives, or Dealer/Service Center sales reps of Mean Green Products, LLC are ineligible for the referral program cash or rewards.

** Offer may be combined with published discounts only. No other incentives apply. Contact Mean Green Mowers for specific rules and processes.

*** In a calendar year. Mean Green Mowers reserves the right to modify this offer with or without notice.

**** Each of your Mean Green Bucks are retail valued at $1 towards the purchase of Mean Green Mowers parts or merchandise.  Each Mean Green Buck is also valued at $1 towards the purchase of any new Mean Green Mowers’ WBX-33HD, Nemesis, ReVolt, Stalker, or CXR mowers.