ORV-BLAST! (patent pending)

STARTING AT: $1,595.00

Off-Road-Vehicle (ORV) commercial electric debris blower

Powerful 2 speed 120/155 MPH velocity

Up to 510 CFM air flow

Low Noise 60 dba

Zero Emissions

Zero Fuel Cost

MEET S.A.M.!!!  Mean Green's Solar Assisted Mower



  • Easy remote operation from operator position
  • Easily mounts to most any gas or electric vehicle
  • All day run times with the CXR mower
  • Strong, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Powered by plugging in to CXR power port


  • Stand-alone 14ah or 20ah battery
  • Up to 2 hour run time (1 hour BOOST) with LEM3620
  • 2 hour fast charger for 14/20ah battery
  • Universal vehicle mounting bracket

The new OVR-BLAST! with vehicle mounting options installs on our CXR mower or any other gas or electric mower, golf cart, ATV etc! Powerful 155 mph with 510 CFM, but quiet at only 60db. Remotely controlled from operator seat for fast, easy debris clean-up.