Contractor Package: $2,499.00

20" commercial electric push mower

Zero Emissions

Zero Fuel Cost

Quiet Operations

$2.00 operational savings per hour




  • Only 78 lbs with battery
  • 1 blade 20" cut side discharge
  • Solid mount adjustable wheels
  • Battery hour life: 3,000 hours
  • Easy to push roller bearing wheels
  • Peak HP: 6.5
  • Overnight charger - 4 hours
  • Powerful 36V system
  • Rugged welded aluminum chassis construction
  • Sound level: 72 db
  • 2 speed blade switch
  • 2-3 hours continuous run time
  • Steel heavy gauge handlebar
  • 20AH Exchangeable battery pack



Finally a commercial grade cordless electric push mower!!

Powered by Mean Green pure Green Lithium Energy Modules, the new 20" cut cordless mower can mow for over two continuous hours on one Lithium Energy Module (LEM).  LEM swaps are easily accomplished in less time than it takes to add gas to a gas-engine push mower.  The MGP-20 is a true "ALL-DAY" cordless mower.

And...Did we mention the extreme power?!

The MGP-20 borrows its powerful motor and controllers from its big brothers (the CXR zero turns and the WBX walk behind) to make easy work of just about any job. With available horsepower exceeding most commercial gas push mowers, the MGP-20 proves that cordless electric mowers can indeed be very powerful.

Mean Green's MGP-20 is constructed of thick, 7 gauge aluminum welded deck and strong 1" steel tubing to make for the lightest, strongest commercial push mower on the market today.  With the 3/8" thick lower deck edge, this mower is made to handle commercial operations...there is no thin 1/16" thick stamped deck or parts on the THIS mower! The super light weight of just 70 lbs (compared to commercial gas engine push mowers at 100-120 lbs) makes this full bearing wheeled, perfect balanced mower much easier to push and manipulate around any obstacles. The built in large front and rear handles make picking up this mower a breeze and changing a blade is as easy as flipping it on its back since there is NO GAS or OIL to spill out. This mower was built to take the beating of the commercial operator who loads and loads mowers out of their truck many times each day.  The simple, sensible all metal construction provides extreme durability and easy to repair components.

How Quiet is it??  This mower is so quiet, it can hardly be heard from 20 feet away!  With the 2 speed mower blade function, power and economy are literally at your fingertips!

The MGP-20 push mower was designed and is built to be in the same category as a commercial grade gas push mower that sells in the $800-1600.00 range.   The blade motor is about 3 times the power of most residential cordless mowers, so you can mow about twice as fast and still get a great cut.  The output chute on the deck has a reinforced "bridge", so there is no lower support to clog grass as it comes out the chute.  All of this strength and the MGP-20 still only weighs in at 70-79 lbs with batteries (compared to commercial gas mowers at 100-120 lbs), so it is easy to push and handle with it's 9 inch tall wheels. 

Our MGP-20 lithium batteries have a 1500 charge cycle life, so you will get thousands of hours of use from the batteries.  Our big battery lasts over 2 hours of continuous mowing.  We have contractors reporting that they mow 15-25 jobs a day on just 2ea LEM20 batteries.  Most use one LEM20 and charge during the day when not in use to get through the day.  Most find that they are about twice as productive with our MGP-20 compared to a residential cordless mower because they can mow faster and don't need to go over the grass twice to get a good cut.  The MGP-20 is expensive compared to most push mowers, but what is your time worth?  Package deals of the MGP-20 mower, LEM20, and charger start at just $2,499.00.  Go to quote page for other options.

Now is the time to be the first in your area to operate a powerful, quiet, zero emission cordless push mower that will pay for itself in savings and new opportunity costs!