What Customers are saying about Mean Green Mowers!

2018 -  First off I’d like say that I love my Nemesis mower!

After researching battery powered mowers it became obvious that Mean Green had the best

product. And any nervousness I had buying it sight unseen were quickly gone after the first

mow. I love the flexibility when mowing by being able to choose between a high/low blade

speed, and the feedback I get from the blade operating lights (yellow=slow down, red=stop).

The best part is that I never have to replace a drive belt, accidentally spill gasoline, or worry

about how to dispose of used motor oil. Not to mention the lack of fatiguing noise, heat, and

vibration that normally comes from a traditional lawn mower. I can mow around the house

without waking anybody up. Even though I have the residential model I can’t believe how

beefy the frame and mower deck is.

I mow about 5 acres on a single charge and have never been left stranded. Every time a

neighbor stops by they are just amazed that such a product exists.

Thank you for making an awesome mower!  Thomas,


Feb 2018:

Dear Mean Green,

I am writing to thank you for your products and your customer service.  Since founding my all-electric, organic landscaping business in 2014, I have found your SK-48 Stalker to be the best commercial mower available for my company. Increased customer demand for equipment that does not contribute to noise and air pollution makes an electric option even more valuable, but so many companies out there aren’t up to the challenge of making a machine that is not only electric but also strong enough to do the job—not so with Mean Green. Not only do you make a powerful machine equal to the comparable gas-powered mowers on the market, but also you make a high-quality product that is easy for me, as the owner and manager of a small local business, to operate and maintain. From the solid construction to agile maneuverability, the Stalker is a joy to work with. My customers are consistently pleased not only with the results but also with the quiet and emissions-free process. Any questions or concerns I might have about my mowers or their use I have always been able to resolve with a quick phone call to you. Sending new parts has been a simple and efficient process as well. I have worked with several companies to procure equipment for my business, and I can honestly say that Mean Green is the best. Your customers also appreciate your excellent, helpful sales and support staff, as well as the fact that your machines are made here in the United States—but we all know that the bottom line is a superior product, which you also have. My business wouldn’t be possible without my Stalkers, and I am grateful to Mean Green for not only keeping me up to date on the most innovative and powerful equipment in the electric mower market, but also for standing behind their products and their customers throughout the years.

Sincerely,  Steven Popp    Owner & Manager

Carbon Cutters, LLC.,  Fairport, NY

2018:  I wanted to thank you again for coming all the way out to Massachusetts to install the updates on our mower. It speaks volumes about your company and the products it puts out. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Mean Green and look forward to many more future purchases.
 I knew I was a fan of the concept when I heard about your mowers some years ago. I knew I would get to a point I would purchase one (or several) for my landscape company. What I did not realize was the benefits I would realize from the purchase. Having landscaped for 20+ years, running a Mean Green mower has allowed me the ability to actually smell the grass while I'm cutting it! This might sound strange but I do enjoy the smell, and before now, was only able to appreciate it while others were mowing.
 Also, we have a customer who has a daughter with Cerebral Palsy who, under normal circumstances is upset by the noise created when the lawn was being mowed. Since we began using our new mower on their property, she is no longer disrupted by those noises! Her parents are very happy with our new mower!
 Many thanks again for all the help you have provided. We a very happy to be a member of the Mean Green family!
Very happy customers,
Brian and Nichole Litchfield
TNB Landscaping

CXR Jeff V.jpg
2018:  “After decades of equipment emission exposure as a landscape professional, my health began to drastically fail from petrochemical poisoning.  I was faced with two choices: change my occupation or change the way I go about my work.  I chose the latter.  In 2016, I began transitioning my equipment to lithium ion-powered, and by 2017 I discovered the solutions offered by Mean Green Mowers.  The purchase of an emission-free CXR-52 has been instrumental in the recovery of my health and has met my needs on the nearly 20 acres of properties I maintain.  My experience with Mean Green Mowers has been good from start to present.  The purchase process was easy and reasonable financing was secured without a hitch.  The sales and service staff have been responsive, professional and have satisfied my needs, whether in ordering spare parts, answering technical questions or in providing timely warranty support.  I'm impressed with the engineering, quality and attention to detail that went into my CXR-52.  My clients approve of the quality of cut and quiet performance that the CXR-52 delivers.  I'm a very satisfied customer.  Don't change anything about the way you run your business.  You have a winning formula.”  Jeff V. - PA

2018:  "I started using our new mower over the weekend and quite frankly it was a blast and it takes mowing to a whole new level.  Also, the ease of use that we are experiencing with this machine just makes this hands down a far superior mower system than any petroleum fuel mower system on the market.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.”    Sergio M.- CA

2018:  Mean Green Mowers consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty. Making sure their customers are satisfied seems to be their number one priority. Seeing as they are the only company manufacturing zero-emission commercial grade lawn mowers, it's amazing that they work so hard to keep customers satisfied. They have no competition and their customers have no where else to turn. It would be easy to do the bare minimum and have no fear of losing customers. This is not the case with Mean Green Mowers.
Zach and Darren came from Ohio to upgrade over $1,000 in parts on my machine. I did not call and there was nothing wrong. They were there because some people had had issues with the parts. This cost me $0. I can't imagine the costs they incurred to come get the job done.
Mean Green Mowers is a moral and ethical "breath of fresh air" in a world of big box stores and poor customer service. The level of commitment they have to their customers is astonishing. If and when any competition in this market comes around I personally would be extremely hard pressed to do business with anyone else. As long as they keep treating me and my company, Eco-Smart Landscaping the way they do... They have a customer for life.
To a brighter future,
Sean Tumblety                                                     
Derry, NH

2017:  “Scored one of the new NXR-52 NEMESIS w/monster mode...What a beast! Made quick work of my disc golf course that had overgrown with thick, foot high grass...2 hrs w/3 bars of battery left later was done...Great design, comfy ride, loads of fun! Makes mowing a breeze! Great crew at Mean Green!” Jami - Oklahoma

2017:  “Love my Mean Green mowers! I own and operate a sustainable lawn care company in Western NC and have both the 20" and 33" walk behind Mean Green mowers. Both last all day and perform very well. We are close to pulling the trigger on purchasing the 48" model and the trimmer/blower. Furthermore, the customer service is top notch. Any time we have a problem with any of our equipment, Zach, Joe and co. are quick to diagnose the issue and provide a fix right over the phone. I can't afford to have my mowers out of the field so this invaluable. Keep up the good work”! Nate - North Carolina

2017:  “I can not say enough about this equipment or their customer service! I traveled from buffalo n.y to ohio to personally visit the facility were they are assembled and the knowledgeable and professional staff convinced me of the wisdom of my decision to use these machines exclusively wherever possible. My customers love the clean quiet aspect and if you have an open trailer get ready for a ton of opportunities to engage potential customers and upsell your company. Go green or go home is the future of lawn care.” Erik - New York

2017:  “The Mean Green WBX-33HD is the difference between an eight hour day and a twelve hour day. We own a franchise of a pollution-free, all electric lawn care company, Clean Air Lawn Care. The WBX-33HD with its lithium ion battery delivers all day clean power and a beautiful cut with great control. It is the employee that never misses a day, never calls in sick, and is ready at the turn of a key sunup to sundown. We LOVE this machine! Top that off with fantastic, responsive and friendly customer service and this is a company we hope to work with for many years to come!” Ellyn - Texas