Mean Green Mowers Estate EX-62

For larger estates up to 4 acres, the Estate EX-62 will have your lawn manicured in less than 2 hours with NO GAS and NO EMISSIONS!

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Deck Size 62"
Voltage 36 Volts
Batteries 6ea Lead Acid
Acres Cut/Charge 3-4.5*
Mow Time/Charge 105-120 minutes
Blades/Deck 4
Battery Recharge Time 5hrs-Overnight
Speed 7-8 mph
Operational SAVINGS/hr (compared to gas, includes battery depreciation & maintenance) $5.60/hr
Battery life 400-500 Charge cycles (800-1,000 hrs mowtime*) or 5-7 years
Battery Replacement Cost $200-240/ battery
Sound Level 82 db (gas engine 90-95 db)
Peak Horsepower 42 HP
* Varies with battery size, terrain, operator performance, and grass height/thickness