Mean Green Mowers Estate EX-62

For larger estates up to 4 acres, the Estate EX-62 will have your lawn manicured in less than 2 hours with NO GAS and NO EMISSIONS!

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Deck Size 62"
Voltage 36 Volts
Batteries 6ea Lead Acid
Acres Cut/Charge 3-4.5*
Mow Time/Charge 105-120 minutes
Blades/Deck 4
Battery Recharge Time 5hrs-Overnight
Speed 7-8 mph
Operational SAVINGS/hr (compared to gas, includes battery depreciation & maintenance) $5.60/hr
Battery life 400-500 Charge cycles (800-1,000 hrs mowtime*) or 5-7 years
Battery Replacement Cost $200-240/ battery
Sound Level 82 db (gas engine 90-95 db)
Peak Horsepower 42 HP
* Varies with battery size, terrain, operator performance, and grass height/thickness

NO GAS... Don't Burn Your CASH!

Join Mean Green Products and the USGBC in supporting building GREEN and maintaining GREEN with MEAN GREEN MOWERS!

Mean Green Mowers are Proudly Made In The USA

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